Everynight Everynight

Adapted from Ray’s stage play Everyinght Everynight by Ray and director Alkinos Tsilimidos the film won numerous awards throughout the world and was nominated for two AFI Awards, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.

It has become a respected cult film in Australian cinema.

Script Pt 1
Script Pt 2

The Drover’s Boy

This is an adaptation of Mooney’s stage play, The Drover’s Boy.

Script – Retitled Black Rabbit

Decimation Day

When a champion fighter retires prematurely after killing his friend in the ring, he is blackmailed into competing in a competition to determine the world’s greatest fighter.


End of Story

This is an epic story of a travelling boxing troupe’s struggle to survive in a changing world.
Set in outback Australia, 1958, Harry Corbett’s ‘family’ of boxing entertainers travel from town to town challenging local fighters and devising schemes to prove the old adage that there’s one born every minute.
The rise in popularity of television and increased anti-boxing sentiment has Harry’s troupe on the ropes of economic annihilation.
It’s a time when Indigenous Australians require permission to drink alcohol, are prohibited from local swimming pools, segregated behind chicken wire at picture theatres and interracial relationships are taboo. Boxing, however, is their path to acceptance, though not in the relationship sense.
The story is set against the developing relationship between Blue Tongue, a young Indigenous Australian, searching for his traditional mother, and Harry’s daughter, Kate. Infatuated by Kate, Blue Tongue accepts a challenge by Harry to fight Kate’s boyfriend. Although Les is the better fighter Harry orders Les to throw the fight. Blue Tongue, naïve to the fix, subsequently joins the troupe to pursue Kate and continue the search for his mother.
This allows Harry to stir the passions of the crowds by playing the race card. If Blue Tongue defeats the troupe’s white champion (Les) the crowds become excited at the prospect of one of their own defeating the main draw card, Scorpion, another Indigenous Australian fighter.
However, Blue Tongue is a natural fighter and under the guidance of Snowy, a one-arm boxing trainer, quickly matches Les’s ability. Harry, suspicious of the developing relationship between Blue Tongue and Kate, attempts to thwart their romance while keeping Blue Tongue in the troupe. But Harry’s interference only strengthens the relationship.
When the troupe become aware Blue Tongue is wanted by police, they agree to prevent his detection.
Kate is uneasy about her true feelings and disturbed by Blue Tongue’s insinuation she may be racist. It’s only after Blue Tongue teachers her to swim, which subsequently allows her to save her drowning brother, does she consummate the relationship.
Because of Les and Blue Tongue’s improvement as fighters Harry arranges a boxing promoter to assess them, at the last venue on their circuit, the annual city show. Expectations are high for professional contracts.
Blue Tongue, Kate and Scorpion attend the local picture theatre but refuse to sit in the area reserved for Indigenous Australians. Blue Tongue and Scorpion are arrested. Blue Tongue’s ribs are broken, and Scorpion is murdered by police.
Kate discovers Blue Tongue has run away from white foster parents. At Kate’s instigation Blue Tongue’s mother arranges for Blue Tongue’s release.
This occurs as the anti-boxing movement succeeds in banning boxing tents and Harry’s show is cancelled by the show management. But Harry is determined the last show will go ahead and out maneuvers management.
Blue Tongue challenges the policeman responsible for killing Scorpion to fight him in the boxing tent. It’s a challenge the policeman cannot resist.
When Blue Tongue gains the upper hand Harry realizes a victory for Blue Tongue will ensure further persecution by police, but a victory might also end the relationship between Blue Tongue and Kate. However, Harry, concerned for Blue Tongue’s safety, signals Blue Tongue to throw the fight. The troupe is devastated but Harry is adamant.
Blue Tongue ignores Harry, however a blow to Blue Tongue’s ribs leaves him immobile. He refuses to surrender and earns respect from the crowd that his courage and heroic dignity deserve.
Although losing the fight Blue Tongue finds his spiritual place in the world.
The boxing promoter is impressed by Les and Blue Tongue but for Harry’s troupe this is the end of the story.

Marketing Proposal

The Poster Wars

Gisho, 16, lives in the drainage system under the city. Into stencil graffiti he attends school and subsists financially by putting up illegal posters at night. Confronted by a hostile world and the Poster Mafia he develops the art of ‘hit and run’ to survive. The Poster Wars is a 90 min. contemporary thriller.


The Tasmanian Devil

Trained as a killer, but discarded by the army, Hook, 61, builds his dream home, with the help of Arthur, an Aboriginal outcast in his own land, directly opposite a mountain of breathtaking vistas. Hook has finally found peace in a world that has taught him to live otherwise.

He develops a relationship with Ellen, 26, a logging protester and folk singer, hiding from her estranged husband. Although sympathetic to their cause, Hook has chosen to stand apart from protesters who are intent on preventing further pine reforestation. Living together, Ellen chides Hook for his ecological detachment but also offers him tenderness and understanding. When she discovers the backside of Hook’s mountain is being logged she leaves Hook to join the protestors.

Unable to find Ellen, Hook burns all the pines on his land in contravention of council regulations. Ellen returns but the tranquility of their relationship has been altered. Distressed by the bureaucracy and chainsaws, Hook’s traumatic army experiences are rekindled and trigger a war mentality. Ellen, aware of Hook’s psychological deterioration, leaves permanently.

Hooks anger of ‘his’ mountain’s destruction, coupled with Ellen’s departure prompt Hook to develop his own war, one that can be fought in his backyard and on his terms. He takes on the bureaucracy, the police and the military by occupying the mountain and refusing to leave until all logging of the mountain is permanently halted.

Belittled by Hook’s superior tactics to thwart all endeavors to persuade him to leave the mountain, the military deploy maximum weaponry and blackmailing Ellen to assist them to destroy Hook. In so doing they not only kill Hook but obliterate the mountain. However, Hook’s death creates an eternal monument to the significance of one person’s stance.



Police terrorise a wife into testifying against her armed robber husband for murdering police. The film is loosely based on the Walsh Street killings.


Short Film
Angel Feet

This short film is a protest against the use of land mines.


Television Series
The Pharaoh’s Rat

“The Pharaohs kept ichneumons, rat like creatures what crawled into the mouths of sleeping crocodiles and ate their hearts out.”

A one-hour series of 6 episodes

The Pharaoh’s Rat is a one-hour drama series following the exploits of a Derelict, a supposedly homeless 40-year-old, who spends much of his life surviving as a busker with chameleon-like abilities to physically impersonate his chosen musical icon.

Ten years earlier he was a successful lawyer until his 15-year-old daughter was incinerated in a hotel fire, owned by the now wealthy entrepreneur Frank Corrigan. Corrigan had his hotel torched for insurance but was exonerated in a subsequent inquiry.

What keeps the Derelict from psychiatric re-incarceration is his intense need to avenge his daughter. He achieves this by psychologically terrorising Corrigan with unique scams and robberies.

Corrigan owns racehorses, gambling institutions and is currently applying for a casino license. The Derelict’s scams mainly involve the horse racing industry and are designed to thwart Corrigan’s casino license application.

But the Derelict is continually on the edge of total insanity, constantly threatening to implode. It is only through ‘treatment’ by his friend, The Psychiatrist, also a horse trainer, and his close elderly buddy and confidant, Ed, an even better scammer than himself, that the Derelict can pull himself back from his mental abyss.

Having embarrassed Corrigan once too often the Derelict finds himself under threat of extermination from corrupt police and criminals. When those close to him are murdered, the Derelict must use all his resources to not only defeat Corrigan but maintain his sanity.

He sets in motion one of the most ingenious scams of all-time involving impersonation and betting manipulation on horse racing.

He will crawl into the mouth of the crocodile to eat out its heart.

Pitch Deck for The Pharaoh’s Rat
Episode 1: The Hyperparasite
Episode 2: Ichneumon
Episode 3: The Infallible System
Episode 4: The Ant Buffoon
Episode 5: Dressups
Episode 6: Judgment Day
Ray with cast of A Blue Freckle 2 1975

A Green Light

This is an adaptation of Ray’s best-selling novel, A Green Light, about the rise and fall of Australia’s number one hitman, Rent-a-Kill.